A Specialist Cyber Insurance MGA

Transacting niche business with over 40 Lloyd’s brokers

Cyber Insurance Niche Specialist

Founded in 2011, Ptarmigan Underwriting is a specialist MGA, transacting niche cyber insurance products with in excess of 40 Lloyd’s brokers.

With over 25 years of underwriting experience in this class of business, our capacity providers include selected Lloyd’s syndicates and London Company markets, enabling us to provide optimum cover in this niche area.

The majority of our business is underwritten on an excess of loss basis, although we will also consider cyber insurance submissions on a primary basis.
And while most of the business we underwrite emanates from the USA, we are also a market for non-US based accounts. For European domiciled business, we underwrite on behalf of our separately regulated EU trading entity, Nordic Försäkring & Riskhantering AB